As I walked the floor of a recent NAMM Show, somehow amidst the din of blaring bass and barkers, my ear caught the sound of a solitary guitarist. Sitting on a stool in the GHS booth was a lone player. The music was stunning. It stopped me in my tracks”” - John Schroeter

— Fingerstyle Magazine

Jody is one of the most well-respected jazz musicians in Southern California......”

— National Guitar Player Workshops

Whoever coined the phrase, -Those who can, do; those who can't, teach,- has never met Jody Fisher. Jody does both, and he does them very well.” - Eric Elias

— Just Jazz Guitar

Jody Fisher is one of the finest solo guitarists I know. I can listen to him for hours” - Joe Diorio
Guitarist Jody Fisher is a veritable wizard on his instrument. Not only does he display enviable technique, but he has feel.....” - John D'Arc
Jody's technical and musical abilities are highly respected by his peers. To see him perform is an exhilarating experience".” - Caleb Lim

— Caleb's Guitar

A terrific musician and a wonderful teacher.” - Phil Swanson

— University of Redlands

My pick among recent guitar publications that tackle this topic is Jody Fisher's Guitar Mode Encyclopedia. Clearly organized and easy on the eye....”

— Guitar Player

Impromptu" CD Review Jody Fisher has devoted a great deal of time to writing what is quickly becoming the quintessential series on guitar instruction. Fortunately, he is beginning to devote some time to recording as well. Fisher has recently released his long-awaited CD, "Impromptu". Just as the title implies, "Impromptu" sounds spontaneous, fresh and inspired, as if you're listening to Jody play live in a small club. This disc presents 16 solo pieces, each one a musical journey. Reminiscent of Joe Pass's Virtuoso recordings, Fisher deftly displays serious skills as a solo performer. Each song delicately balances melody on top of unique, creative harmony. Impromptu is a CD that possesses a depth of insight into the music that transcends genre, as Fisher takes the listener through standards, originals, and pop songs in his unique style. Walking bass lines, inner voice movement, and sweet, improvisational walks generously fill each arrangement. Jody's tone is full and slightly bright on his Klein electric. It almost sounds like an arch top with round wound strings. Jody's chops are top notch as well. He seems to have an endless vocabulary of licks and lines. Fisher's treatment of standards is respectful to each melody, yet unique in the arrangements and improvisation. Standards include, "The Nearness of You", "Moonlight in Vermont", and "God Bless the Child". His originals are fun and melodic as well. Jody rounds out the disc with a sweet rendition of the Beach Boy's "Surfer Girl". Whether you like great arrangements or virtuoso jazz playing in the styles of Martin Taylor, Tuck Andress, and Joe Pass, Jody's new disc, "Impromptu", is sure to impress. This disc will remain in my player for a long time.” - Eric Elias

— Just Jazz Guitar Magazine--November, 2003

Jody is Fearless author: xjag It almost unimaginable the amount of talent Jody reveals on this cd. if your passion is solo jazz guitar, this cd is a must. if your just into guitar, this cd will mystify you. if you want to learn some new chops, this cd will make you want to smash your guitar. this cd is a mind altering ride into the unknown, with a true master of his instrument. First class performance from a first class musician. author: Jim Latham Jody Fisher is one of those diamonds among the paste. There a a few notable jazz guitarists and Jody is one of them. His tracks are a testimony to his musical talent. His choice of tracks are well balanced with some standards mixed in with his own work. All of which are interpreted in his inimical laid back style. More please Jody.” - Varous Other Reviews on "Impromptu"

— CD Baby