Beginning Jazz Guitar--DVD

This video starts with basic chords and moves on to jazz chord-scales, the major scale and basic jazz improvisation. You will be accompanied by a live jazz combo featuring Jeff Seigal--Drums, Peter Einhorn--guitar and Troy Millard--bass. Close-ups of the hands, split screens and other techniques make this video easy to follow. Complements the book, Beginning Jazz Guitar. DVD....................$19.95 Buy It Now

30-Day Guitar Workout--DVD

Becoming a proficient guitarist requires two things: first, an intellectual understanding of music and the guitar; and secondly, physical dexterity so you can translate your ideas onto your instrument. Most of us are highly developed in some techniques but embarrassingly under developed in others. Maybe you can play very fast but your hammer-ons are weak. Can your right hand ALWAYS keep up with your left hand? Are your fingerstyle chops great and your pick chops poor? Or vice-versa? How about string skipping? Playing triplets? This book will help you develop a balanced set of hands. Includes: daily warm-ups, lessons on left and right hand technique, exercises for chords, single notes, pickstyle and fingerstyle as well as a 30-day technical development plan for all guitarists. DVD. $19.95 Buy It Now

An Evening With John Abercrombie--Hosted by Jody Fisher--DVD

An intimate session with one of the leading jazz artists of our time. This 60-minute collection of performances and conversations includes thoughts on: improvising over standards, free improvisation, guitar synthesis, use of scales, composition and much more. Participate in this free wheeling and enjoyable discussion with a great jazz virtuoso. John Abercrombie's insight, humor, and brilliant playing will bring you back to video again and again. DVD.....................$19.95 Buy It Now

An Evening With Tal Farlow, Hosted by Jody Fisher

This 65 minute collection of performances and conversations with the master includes his approach to Right and left hand technique, chord melody arranging, flat five substitutions, solo over 11-V7-I progressions, and reharmonization. Learn about Tal's influences, thought processes, and discover how one great jazz musician's mind works. DVD......24.95 Buy It Now

Teach Yourself Guitar Repair and Maintenance with John Carruthers--Hosted by Jody Fisher--DVD

Everything you need to know to start working on your guitar! John Carruthers, whose clients have included some of the greatest guitarists of our time, brings you the ultimate guide to guitar maintenance. Includes: --Simple step-by-step instructions. --Tips on proper string removal and installation for both standard guitars and Floyd Rose systems. --Guidelines to help fix intonation problems. --Instructions on setting up, maintaining and troubleshooting the Floyd Rose system. --Close-ups of John Carruthers performing detailed repair tasks plus simple interactive navigation make learning easy and fun. DVD. $19.95 Buy It Now