30-Day Guitar Workout

Becoming a proficient guitarist requires two things: first, an intellectual understanding of music and the guitar; and secondly, physical dexterity so you can translate your ideas onto your instrument. Most of us are highly developed in some techniques but embarrassingly under developed in others. Maybe you can play very fast but your hammer-ons are weak. Can your right hand ALWAYS keep up with your left hand? Are your fingerstyle chops great and your pick chops poor? Or vice-versa? How about string skipping? Playing triplets? This book will help you develop a balanced set of hands. Includes: daily warm-ups, lessons on left and right hand technique, exercises for chords, single notes, pickstyle and fingerstyle as well as a 30-day technical development plan for all guitarists. Standard notation and TAB. Book......................$7.50 Buy It Now

Jazz Guitar Master Class

The players whose lessons appear in this volume are some of the real movers and shakers in the jazz guitar world and it is a rare opportunity to hear them explain in their own words how they think, practice and perform. Steve Khan helps with Building a Phrase Vocabulary for the ii-V7-I Progression. Ron Eschete provides a Finger Style Blues lesson. Scott Henderson teaches about Creating Harmonies with Intervallic Patterns. Joe Diorio gives 19 Ways to Handle the imin7-V7-imin7 Progression. Mark Whitfield gives Exercises for the Left and Right Hands. Jody Fisher teaches about Using Symmetrical Chord Movement to Create Altered Dominant Lines. Standard notation and TAB. Book..............$5.95 Buy It Now

Guitar Chord and Scale Finder

The purpose of this book is to give you a single source to refer to when looking for information regarding the use of scales for improvisation. This is not a method. Rather, it is a reference book. You can look up any chord to learn what scales will work with it. You can also look up any scale to learn every chord it works with. You will find two fingering diagrams for every scale and several voicings for the chords. Standard notation and TAB. Book................$9.95 Buy It Now

Guitar Mode Encyclopedia

This volume covers the 21 modes of the major, melodic minor and harmonic minor scales. Each mode is examined from five different perspectives. Includes: the harmonized modes with suggested voicings, modal theory, open, closed and and single string fingerings, lots of sample solos and more. Packed with useful information. Standard notation and TAB. Book......................$19.95 Buy It Now