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Jody Fisher: Guestbook

Jim Latham

March 12, 2005

Hi Jody
Your music and style inspires me. I am an old rocker from forty years ago. I have recently taken to playing the guitar again and want to develop a style like you. I have your teaching C.Ds but I think I need social contact. What would advise me to do? For example when looking for a teacher, what should I look for?
Keep on playing

Dawson Taylor

March 5, 2005

Hi Jody:
Thanks to your encouragement, I recently spent two days in David Lange's studio recording a vocal album, with Randy Halberstadt (p), Jeff Johnson (b), and Mark Ivester (d), and of course some guitar work. Randy is, as you know, the author of "Metaphors for the Musician", and a fine player. My confidence was also boosted by Julia Cameron and Kenny Werner (thanks again to you for the referrals). We'll be mixing and producing over the next couple of months, and hope for release in June. Would you like a sample of a couple of the "roughs"?

Thanks again and kindest regards,

Mike Arroyo

March 5, 2005

Jody Fisher is an exellent and finest guitar player with a great technique and a very personal feeling in his performances.Jody is a very,very good teacher,he enjoy to share his knowledges with others.He helped me a lot.Mike Arroyo,Puerto Rico.

Rick O'Neill

March 4, 2005

Hi Jody, Just a note to say hi from my sister Sue and myself. It is great to see you have been so successful with your music career. If you ever get to Reno,NV I'm in the book. Rick

Rob Bourassa

March 3, 2005

You are a truly great musician. Is it possible to get harmonics such as yours with long fingernails on my right hand?

Janae Copeland

March 2, 2005

Hey Jody! the site is beautiful!! talk to you later! Love ya

Wayne Meinken

March 2, 2005

Thanks for letting me know the new site is up and running. Looks Great. Wayne

Shauna Copeland

March 1, 2005

I'm just getting started. I'm impressed as usual. Love You!

Dave Zuckerbraun

March 1, 2005

Jody-glad to see the website. Got a lot out of your "Art of Solo Guitar" last summer and plan on taking "Letting Go" this summer. See you in LA.

Jeff DeMond

March 1, 2005

Congrats on the new site! Enjoyed the 2004 New Milford Summit - hope to see you there again in August.

--Jeff DeMond (7-string guy)

Eric Elias

March 1, 2005

Hey Jody, I like the new look. As usual keep up the great work!

--Eric Elias

Jason Shadrick

February 28, 2005

Hey Jody,
Website looks great. Can't wait to hang with you this summer

Frank Bekker

February 28, 2005

Jody, where are the pictures?
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